Spanish revolt

Intense in Madrid today. #25S #SAMUR #volvemos26S #madrid #spain

Info: 'Democracy kidnapped!' Madrid police fire rubber bullets as thousands surround Spanish Congress (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

... just as i was writing this, I started seeing on FB and twitter that someone was beaten to the point of paralyzation, and I was looking all over for a confirmation... I found @acampadagranada who says they are friends with the guy, who's name is Angel. He is in critical condition but gradually gaining back mobility, and they will keep up updated.  it was flying all over twitter that this guy was paralyzed, which would be horrendously shocking... but it seems to be still unconfirmed. anyways, it's awful that he's in such critical condition and that people are afraid that he could be paralyzed to begin with.

I keep seeing people saying "en que pais estamos??" <-- "what country are we in??"
and it makes me think... that someday they'll be saying the same thing in the US.

people are rising up. they're pissed.
in one country after the next...
these austerity measures will not be tolerated
humanity cannot be squashed
revolt is inevitable
it's in our blood
we must react to the suppression... we have no choice
at a certain point, it becomes unbearable.
it has not reached this point in the USA yet
but its coming... the karmic circle
people are generally complacent... the industries depend on that
but it will all catch up with them
they won't get off of this one scott free
there is too much justice to be served
an overwhelming amount of justice needs to be served!
and someday they will say,
"I didn't think this could happen to us."
isn't that always how it goes...

viva la revolución!!

i should try to sleep. tomorrow there will be another big protest in Athens...