Oh yes.

This guy is amazing... he creates his own instruments, like this creepy knife that's hooked up to a wire:
I'm into it.

I like his description on soundcloud:

I love soundcloud, by the way!  If you have it, I'm Gaia8, you should follow me :)  I don't make music, but I have a long faves list ;)

Oct 5: I am STILL obsessed with Frivolous.  He's like, all I listen to now.  Makes decent study music too... cause it's pretty chill.  Which means that I listen to it alot.  Well, at least I should have good background music while I write my thesis...

Can't get enough of this one... love the duet!

or this...!!

Theme song of my life: (ok not really... but kinda)

great one too: 

but this is my favorite song of his, for sure...

that's it for now.