green city in a green state

proud of my city!  
Kuhn is against S21, though he has to allow the project to continue.  this is also a major boon for the green party... 

Stuttgart elected a Green Party mayor on Sunday – the first time a German state capital has done so. The victory of Fritz Kuhn would seem to seal the party’s hold over Baden-Württemberg, where it leads the state government. Stuttgart elects Green Party mayor 

The election is just the latest blow to the CDU in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg after voters there elected a Green government in last year's election. 
...Plans to build a new main train station in Stuttgart requiring more than 100 trees to be cut down led to a series of protests in September 2010 that saw dozens of people injured in clashes with police.
The project is set to go ahead following a referendum in the state last November in which nearly 60 percent of those who went to the polls voted in favor of it. Kuhn, who is a critic of the project known as Stuttgart 21, has said he will respect the result of that referendum. Stuttgart becomes first state capital to elect Green mayor

It looks like he will try to protect the city from having to pay extra costs for S21: Kuhn droht Bahn mit Bürgerentscheid  „Für Planungsfehler der Bahn werden wir keinen Cent bezahlen“, so Kuhn: „Mir gäbet nix."

Die aktuelle Forsa-Umfrage sieht die Grünen im Aufwind, die Partei klettert in der Wählergunst auf 15 Prozent. Ein Grund könnte der Erfolg von Fritz Kuhn sein, der in Stuttgart als erster Grünen-Politiker eine Landeshauptstadt regiert. Schwarz-Gelb und Rot-Grün liegen im Bund nun gleichauf. Kuhns Sieg beflügelt Grüne