I'm really interested in dreamwork... been writing down my dreams on and off since I was a teen.  These days I'm getting into it again...
Didn't know there were terms for this:

OneironautA person who explores dream worlds, usually associated with lucid dreaming.

Oneirology is the scientific study of dreams. 

This guy is a lucid dreaming teacher and runs what he calls "the world's premier lucid dreaming academy"... pretty cool:

There's lots of good info on the website... this is neat: 

Lucid dreams in 3 steps

Step 1. Recall your dreams
The first thing you need to start with, is learning how to recall your dreams. We dream every night, no matter whether we choose to or not. Dream recall functions as a vital stepping stone for further dreamsign analyses. Recalling dreams is simple. Once you wake up, you immediately ask yourself "What did I just dream about?". Keep lying still and keep your eyes closed. Have patience. Start associating. Write down any dream or dream fragment that you are able to recall.

Step 2. Discover dreamsigns
Once you have journaled your dreams inDream Journal for about two to three weeks, you review your dream entries and identifyany recurrent dream-like features that characterize your dreams: dreamsigns. This could be anything bizarre in the dream. Do you notice any particular dreamsign that is recurrent and that frequently shows up in your dreams? Aha! You have found your target dreamsign!

Step 3. Recognize dreamsigns
By the time you get track of your recurrent dreamsigns, you can go to bed prepared. Say to yourself, "The next time when I encounter my target dreamsign again I will tell myself that I am dreaming". 

This is the first time I'm hearing about this... to try to discover and recognize dreamsigns.  I'm going to keep writing down my dreams and try to find mine ;)  I'll update here if I make any progress... 

Oct 23: Update
Yesterday I watched some more interesting vids on lucid dreaming that I would recommend for people who are also interested to learn about it: 

I like this guy, Reece Jones... has alot of interesting vids.  This is a 3-part series. 

I also found this informative... a bit advanced for me, but interesting nonetheless.

This one was recommended on the FAQ page of Lucidipedia... the way he makes these vids are great, like he's simulating a lucid dream... very creative.  This one also:

Gives some good techniques on how to enhance your lucid dreams.  So when I actually have a lucid dream, hopefully I'm prepared ;)

I think I only had one in my entire life... when I was quite young, and I remember it well.  I was at school.  And I realized I was dreaming.  So I stood up on my chair and I said, "Hey, everyone! This is a dream! We can do whatever we want!"  And we all started to play, and I was able to manifest things... to make things appear and disappear... I dont remember exactly what. It was so great!!  So I really hope I can learn how to do this... 

I'm excited, cause it seems that my dream recall is up... I remember 3 dreams from last night! Awesome ;)  i recorded them in my dream journal on Lucidipedia, I'm using their online dream journal which is great!  

Oct 25: Update
Last night I discovered my first dreamsign... WITHIN a dream!! so cool!!!
so i've been dream journaling for a week now, but i couldnt figure out any dreamsigns yet...
and then last night, i was dreaming that i was in a jewelry shop/bead store... and i thought to myself... "i've seen jewelry in my dreams before... this must be a dreamsign!  i must be dreaming!" and then right then, the dream started to fade... and i remembered that i shouldnt get excited, because if you get excited when you realize youre lucid, you can wake up.... so i tried to stay calm, but it didnt work... and somehow i faded back into the dream...

anyways... when i woke up, i couldnt remember previous dreams with jewelry... and then i checked my dream journal on lucidipedia, and i found that i've had two dreams with jewelry in them!  so i'm really grateful for this dream journal... and i'm excited that i found a dreamsign within a dream! kick ass  =D