Stuttgart 21 - Oben Bleiben!

Angela Merkel NOT warmly welcomed in Stuttgart today... the video is classic footage!! Ungemütlicher Empfang für Angela Merkel in Stuttgart

A lot of ppl out there are protesting against Stuttgart21, a massive development project to revamp the entire central train station by building it underground (hence the slogan "oben bleiben"-- stay above!).  Opponents say the plans are too dangerous and can cause environmental damage... indeed, one of Stuttgart's main parks, the Schlosspark, was already ripped apart, and old trees were cut down.  The project will also costs billions of taxpayer money, and profits will fill the pockets of the contracting companies and higher-ups. The project was not democratically decided on when the plans were made... just recently there was a "Volksentschied," a public vote to decide on the fate of the project... but the vote strategically included all of Baden-Württemberg and was passed by a small margin, giving S21 the go-ahead.  Obviously, many people are still pissed... as the video shows.
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