The Album Leaf

They are one of my favorite bands.

They have a kind of cult following.  People are so crazy about them... if you have a tattoo of their logo:
... you can get into concerts for free.  I've considered doing it... maybe I will if I plan on going to their concert.  They have been with me, pretty close, these last two years since I started this grad program... I'm often listening to their music when I study.  Which means that I've been listening to them ALOT.

This song is a tribute to Japan, in memory of the earthquake and tsunami... the description in the vid gives more info on that.  I find this song amazingly beautiful.

I love so many of their songs... I'll definitely be posting them here at some point.

Oct 23:
so beautiful...

Nov 2: lately i've been listening to alot of exoplanet... been good for studying.  but i was in the mood for something more uplifting... and this song is really wonderful

Nov. 3: