Towards a better school food system...

First thesis topic-related post... it's about time.

The (working) title of my thesis is "Challenges and recommendations for the implementation of school garden-to-cafeteria programs."

I got into this when I learned that school garden produce is barred from entering Chicago public school cafeterias: Most school garden produce is forbidden fruit in CPS lunchrooms

I wanted to know why that is the case... and to take a look at a place where school garden to cafeteria programs (GTCs) are working, like Denver... and compare it to the situation of Chicago in order to shed light on some of the roadblocks to GTC implementation in the city and how they could possibly be overcome... while providing some general suggestions for GTC implementation in any school district in the country.

Yep... a lot of work.

Anyways, got inspired to post this vid... it's an excellent lecture by Janet Poppendieck, who authored the book Free For All: Fixing School Food in America
I found both the book and this lecture highly informative!  In this video series (seven parts, and worth the watch!), she gives a nicely packaged presentation on how school food in the US got to be what it is today, and presents some strategies for how we can move towards a healthier, more sustainable school food system:

I'm actually in the process of interviewing her... she has sent me some written answers, and tomorrow I'll be calling her for follow-up :)
Wish me luck!