hidden potential

you're so much more amazing
than you realize
such a perfect human being
full of faults
and boundaries just waiting to be broken through
you are beautiful
in tattered clothes that don't match
in your imperfect shape
lies a sacred temple
you are so alive
even when you are tired and broken down
a loving heart beats
beneath the transient fear
you are a shining soul
while you wither and get old
your spirit is transcending time
through a cosmic journey
you are infinity
in this tiny form
you are everything
in your singularity
a microcosm
of endless fractal-like consciousness
and your energy is powerful
much stronger than you know
you are a psychic being
an electric force field
an ecstatic, sensual body
a trembling, quivering bundle of life
a reliquary
of all the evolutionary treasures
of hidden potential
a mystery
to be solved
all the puzzles resolved
and there's nothing they can do
to stop the fate that awaits you
like a seed
ready to emerge
and express your true nature
in all its glory
a shimmering rainbow spectrum
the glimmer of the crystals
the flight of the birds
the bursting of the stars
is within you