I ♥ NY

and the whole east coast... feeling for em right now... Struggle, Loss, Ruin in Sandy's Wake

this is all gonna be mega transformative for nyc... to say the least.  will give ppl more of a sense of community, i'd think... How Bad Is New York's Subway? It's Looking Grim

The Most Unbelievable but Real Pictures of Sandy's Destruction

Public Health Emergency Declared in Storm's Aftermath
Hurricane Sandy has so far been blamed for more than 70 deaths in the US — including 24 in New York City,  8 in New Jersey and 4 in Connecticut.
...Public health officials remain concerned about other hazards that follow an emergency such as Hurricane Sandy, including contaminated flood waters, unsafe drinking water, compromised sewage treatment plants and mold growing in flooded homes.
...But perhaps the greatest threat in the wake of the storm fill the streets, subways, basements and every other area it could wash into: the "toxic stew" of floodwaters that New Jersey state epidemiologist Tina Tan told NPR's Rob Stein could potentially contain any chemical stored in a garage or basement.

Nov 2: Before and After Sandy use the slider bar to compare before and after... wow.

roller coaster washed to sea in NJ

Queens borough, NYC

Rodanthe, NC

from Oct 30, Cheveland OH
very sad vid