So Obama got re-elected.  Can you tell how much of a fuck I don't give?

Good news: Romney lost!
Bad news: Obama won!

(my friend wrote that on FB)

Congratulations, USA... you managed not to elect a complete moron.  We deserve a prize for not being total fucking idiots, don't we!  yayyyy USA!!!


some of the ballot initiatives around the country are great news, imo. except that Prop 37 to label GMOs and Prop 34 to abolish the death penalty didn't pass in Cali... that's a major bummer, cause those would have changed the political landscape in big ways.  But, at least alot more ppl are better informed about GMOs now, so the movement against them is going stronger.  I guess we couldn't expect to beat Monsatan on the first try... usually doesn't work like that, does it.  You have to practice to beat the big boss.

Prop 37 may not have passed, but the NON-GMO MOVEMENT IS WINNING

Voters And FBI Put On Alert: Massive Deceptions Found In The No On 37 Campaign, All Documented (thx @Dean for posting this ;)

Weed legalization in a few states is a big deal... gay marriage also got approved in a few states.  So this election had some positive outcomes... MAP: You Won't Believe What These States Did Tonight

i'd write more but I really need to work on the thesis... just wanted to give an update :)