evening forest

went to the forest today...
to the edge of my village, and through the golden flowering fields towards the distant dense trees
muddy roads, paths... it's been raining a lot lately...
doesn't matter if these shoes get dirty, i don't care.
at a fork in the road, there's an old sign propped up on the ground
it's difficult to read... says something like "don't stray too far from the path"
I continue.
off the path to my left, there's a tall tree that had fallen down, laying there at a diagonal angle
i want to go to it and try to climb on it...
besides... the sign said "dont stray too far" ;)
so i go to the tree...
but its too slippery to walk on.
then I spot a hunter's booth a bit further away, with a ladder
would also be fun to climb ;)
i go there
and then i see the grave.
wait... double take--
did I just find a grave in the middle of this massive forest?
on a cross
i walk towards it
it's actually "Markus + Dina" ... but Dina is in smaller letters (why?)
there's a small sign in front of the grave
I kneel down to read it,
pine branches are blocking the letters...
should i touch it?
i quickly look for a stick but dont see a good one...
so I just move the pines away with my hand.
I had to read it several times to understand
it said something along the lines of:
" the unfulfilled soul
is released into the magic circles of the night
and will live a thousand fold " 
oh my god.
...deep breath...
and a moment for Markus and Dina.
amazed... I continue
muddy shoes... who cares
the path ends at a T, and I gaze out at the fields.
next time, I'll walk further...
but i turn back.
the golden evening sun is shining behind the trees,
Somehow, I start to contemplate about the Occupy movement... and how it was a mass meeting of minds...
(I realize... this was the true power of the movement... which goes deeper than any changes in laws or policies... it was a true shift in consciousness.)
and I have that song by Joan Baez "It's time to occupy" stuck in my head.
at the other end of the path, there is a park with a small stream
love that sound of water flowing...
but this song is stuck in my head and its like the two are competing
so I try to listen to the water
like zen
i stand on a rock in the middle of the stream
and the water rinses the mud off my shoes :)
and then I head back home.