first feature! :)))

so much to catch up on ^^

first: Music!

so exciting to be working with CoLd_Friction... I think this track turned out amazing <3

where do i begin... i hardly have the words. this has been such an interesting and basically transforming experience, getting into music like this...

the story is that I got inspired by my sister Ari to start recording songs... she put some of her songs on soundcloud, so I thought, I can do that too!  I've been playing Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah for a while... my friend Milica and I sang harmonies together on it.  so I got inspired to make this:

and I think it turned out pretty cool :)

after this, CF asked me to make vocals for him... I had thought about that before, but I had no idea where to start!  I know nothing about EDM vocals... until then all I was doing was singing cover songs. But I was totally excited to work with him and just jumped into it... and it just so happened that he started collaborating with another producer Nyanara at the time... and it just so happens, that she was also interested to find a vocalist... so you could say that the stars were aligned on this one *-*
I wrote some lyrics for their track which is now being tentatively titled "Going Nowhere."  The progress on the track has seemed to stagnate a bit... but I really hope it gets finished, cause I think it's gonna be awesome!

Meanwhile, CF and I have been tossing around ideas for vocals on other tracks... finally it worked out with Broken Drum, and I'm so happy with it :))) CF keeps refining his skills (pretty fast!) and the evolution of his music is incredible... so glad that I can be a part of it ^^

Also, Nyanara is using my vocal samples for new tracks of hers... she's reversing my vocals and pitching them and working all sorts of magic =o   also really excited to be working with her... her music is amazing!!

So what can I say... its been an unexpected turn of events, but now I'm getting fully into this music thing.  I also want to start writing my own songs.  It's been a long-time dream of mine to be a lead singer in a band someday... maybe that could still happen, who knows :)  I really want to keep practicing and developing my skills... I feel so much momentum now to really get into this... but, right while I wanted to dive into it, I had to start the moving process -_-  so that's the topic of the next post... ;)

ps. I've also been making sets on soundcloud... probably nobody listens to them but me, but I've been enjoying them especially while I have to organize and arrange all my shit in my new room ^^ I made three recently and I think they're all great: