moving and resettling

I am like a cat... I don't like to move.  and this time it was especially hard... I've been in my old place for almost three years... that's the longest I've stayed in one place since I left home for college. I've been somewhat nomadic for 12 years now... but its been really nice to get grounded and put down some roots for a while. but let me tell you... these roots were very tough to pull.

the whole process was somehow extremely stressful for me.  I dont know if its the time of year or what... maybe end of winter is a bad time to be relocating... or maybe just for me.  I had to do some massive spring cleaning... and then leave.  just didn't flow very easily, the whole thing.

but its over now... and actually I LOVE my new place!  i'm living with my friend Hannah in her "Wohngemeinschaft" (WG for short), which means "living community," with three other people who are really cool (plus the landlord who's pretty weird, but I can put up with it cause rent is super cheap!).  I'll have to post some pictures of this place later cause its freakin' rad... the house is old and decorated with all kinds of artsy stuff everywhere.  we have a nice big backyard with a fire pit and a garden... excited to work on that :)  and one of my favorite things is that I have a fireplace in my room... we dont have central heating. so then again, maybe this is a good time to move in, since its not so cold anymore :)  but nights are still chilly, so i've been enjoying cozy fire-lit evenings <3

so i'm getting settled... I also like the surroundings here. today I went for a walk in the forest nearby and it was soooooo beautiful... i think I'll write about it in the next post.

i can tell, this is gonna be a great summer ^_^