Death Cab for Cutie - Brothers on a Hotel Bed (Fang Remix Ft. margo elena)


here it is! we've been waiting so long :))) so happy about it!!

and there's a great story to go with it... it's been quite an adventure ^^

basically, working on this song inspired me to get a "studio" space, where I can record my vocals in private and just... feel free to do my thing ^^ i'll explain...

first of all, i was so happy when Fang asked me to do this.  not only was this the first time that someone who I didn't previously know asked me for vocals (CoLd_Friction recommended me to him;) ... but it just so happens to be my favorite Death Cab song!! so I knew this was meant to be ;))  here is the original:

thing was... I had just moved into my new apartment... a 6-person house, with thin walls :/  previously, i had lived alone in a nice studio apartment... where I felt totally free to sing as loud and as much as I wanted.  but here in this new place... i just can't.  its a battle against my shyness, and sadly i'm not winning :(  i started trying to record this song and i realized that I need another space... but where? and then the idea dawned on me... !

about a week or two before, one of the families from the preschool where I work invited me to come live in a separate apartment attached to their house... they said i could pay cheap rent and babysit the kids once in a while.  they just want to get someone in there asap to make sure the apartment is looked after... (like once or twice there was a leak in the walls and no one knew, etc).  when they offered, i told them that I dont need a place right now, but that i'd consider it for later this year.  they live fairly close to me, its like a 10 minute bike ride or a half hour walk.

so while i was struggling to record, i thought, duh!! why don't i ask them if i can use their space once in a while?  it's a win win, cause i'd keep an eye on the place for them, and i can use it to record.  so i pitched the idea to them and even offered to pay something monthly depending on how often i'm there... but they said i can just feel free to use it anytime, and maybe watch the kids sometimes in exchange. (and they're interested to hear my music too!) I really wanted to record asap cause I knew Fang was waiting for the vocals, so I even asked them if I could use the space to record that very night, and they said yes! and a few days later, they gave me the key :))  its really a perfect space... and they told me, the walls are thick and soundproof, so no one can hear me. awesome!! =P

so Fang's song is the first track to be recorded there. i'm super grateful to the Kellner-Vaih family for their generosity <3

i'm really happy with how this track turned out. Fang did minimal editing on my vocals, so it's mostly just my "natural" voice.  i actually like that... i think the style fits as a cover of an indie rock song.  and as i like to say, it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful <3

so excited, cause Fang and I are now planning to do another Death Cab cover of the song Transatlanticism, which i LOVE!!!! this song is soooo beautiful, its epic really.  here's the original:
Fang is going out of town for a month... so we'll get started once he's back.  I really can't wait!! i will sing my heart out on this one! ^^