Heilfastenkur #3

This is the third time (within about two years) that I'm doing a long fast. Today is Day 3 and I feel great :D   I wasn't sure if I would stop at 3 or go to 5 days... I have to work tomorrow (to start work at a the new location! =o ) but I think I will try to keep it going anyways. In my experience, Day 4 and 5 are the best... on Day 5 you're floating on air. I want to get back there ^^

Website I use as a guide (in German): http://heilfastenkur.de/  My friend Chris has been doing this fast for years and he got me into it.  The previous times, we fasted together in a group... but this is the first time I'm doing this alone. I feel prepared for it... and I'm so glad I decided to do it :)

It's a liquid fast... so I'm drinking herbal tea (sometimes with honey if I feel I need it)... veggie broth for lunch (freshly prepared), and juice for dinner. Now I'm having sauerkraut juice :/  actually it doesn't taste that bad... I remember it being worse last time ;)

Yesterday I hit the fasting high in the morning ^^ (already, on Day 2! awesome) but then I got a headache just on the left side of my head which lasted most of the day 0_o  But now it's gone, yay! Feelin good^^ My stomach kind of feels like it's caving in... I remember that feeling.  It's cause the stomach shrinks up... so after I'm done with the fast I won't be able to eat much... have to build back up to a normal diet, and it takes almost a week for that.

Fasting is a transformative experience for me.  For one, it gets me to appreciate food more.  When you're done with the fast, food tastes SO good. And you eat more slowly and just appreciate the experience.  I eat healthier... I watch more carefully what I put into my body.  Which is important to me.. but usually I lack the discipline to keep that going consistently... yup ;)  Also good for me to lose a few pounds ;)

I feel like fasting is like hitting the "zero" button... I become more calm mentally... I just slow down.  Which is really good for me...because usually I'm so fast paced.  I'm kind of mentally scattered, in general... so it's awesome to have that slow and calm feeling. Stillness. Quiet... peace.

I do believe that fasting is cleansing for the body, and that it is healthy in general.  In fact I think the body is programmed to be able to do this... like for instance, in human evolution, there must have periods of time when people didn't have much to eat... so biologically, we had to be able to deal with that in order to survive.  And today, we live in total abundance so we can eat every day, and sometimes eat total crap.  So maybe it fits along with our physiology, the way it is designed, to go for a short period without food.  To me, it makes sense :)  I think the body goes into an "energy-efficiency" mode... it switches to another function altogether that enables us to go about our daily life without starving.  And it feels to me like this mode goes hand-in-hand with a slightly altered mental state... a kind of fasting high, as I mentioned ^^ Like right now, I feel clear-headed yet slightly buzzed... its nice! =P

~~~ Some friends were just over and they made some normal food while I had my veggie broth (and they used my leftover veggies in their pasta sauce ^^)... and I just really appreciated the moment of being with them, even though I couldn't eat their yummy food. This gets kinda into another topic... but my friends and I are in such an interesting stage of life right now.  We all just finished our Master's degree (or are about to finish) and we're just in this limbo stage of not being quite settled in a job or anything, not knowing where we're going to live, etc.  It's pretty exciting but also unnerving, and it's just awesome to have such a tight group of friends to go through this with... I appreciate it so much.  And one of our friends Jasmin is pregnant now (!!) and she just told us what she'd like to name her baby girl... I mean, I was just enjoying the moment SO much, just being with them <3 I took some pictures of our lunch together too, maybe I will post them here =P  I made veggie broth with red cabbage, so my soup was this beautiful bright purple color... it was like this futuristic space soup =P  Yes, I am a total dork ^^

So as you can see, I'm in a really fucking good mood right now, lol! This is why fasting is kind of addicting for me. I plan to do it twice a year... next time will be in fall, maybe beginning of winter :)  I just hope the next two days at work aren't horribly exhausting... it will be an interesting experience, for sure!! =O