Jacoo & AidanS - Falling Through The Sky (feat. margo elena)

a day after Fang's song came out, this got released! so exciting!!

wow, just wow ^^  there is also a cute story to go with this track...

first of all, i've been a fan of jacoo's music for a while: https://soundcloud.com/jacoo

i generally like to comment on people's music, so I commented on one of jacoo's new tracks and when he responded, he said that he heard me sing in Cold_Frictions track and asked me if i'd like to "try something" ^^ and i was almost shocked when i saw this.  i mean the thing is... i'm really just getting started with EDM vocals... and now Jacoo wants to collab? =O  i could hardly believe it.  so of course i responded with an enthusiatic YES!

meanwhile, i have also been working with another amazingly talented producer named Extan: https://soundcloud.com/extandnb the way this happened was similar to Jacoo... I commented on a bunch of his tracks, and then he noticed me and asked me to collab ^^  and this was really the first time I was created lyrics/vocal melodies for an entire track... so that was the extent of my experience before Jacoo asked me to collab =o  (Extan's track will be released later this week, so I'll write more about it then ;)

Jacoo's track itself is way beautiful... it was very inspiring.  he collabed with AidanS on it, another super talented producer: https://soundcloud.com/aidan-senier
the title "Falling through the Sky" and the sound of the song made me think of rain ;)  so first i came up with a story... which was this:

Falling through the sky: story idea

This is one of my best memories:

In a shallow stream
On a soft spring day
We spot the dark clouds
Feel a cold breeze
Oh yes…
It’s coming
Should we head back?
No chance…
The sky turns grey
We look ahead down the stream
And see the first drops pattering on the water
And then they rush towards us
The whole stream is splashing upwards
A dense wall of rain
Is about to devour us completely
with nowhere to possibly escape to…
we must accept it and surrender
so when I feel it hit me
I just let go
And shout with joy and jump and dance around
I’m going to get completely soaked
and I don’t care at all!
The experience is beautiful
And then we go back to the house
laughing and spinning around barefoot in the grass
with dripping wet hair sticking to our glowing, smiling faces J

I showed it to Jacoo and he liked it :)  

and then it turns out... that after I wrote this story about rain... Aidan added rain sounds into the track! we had not coordinated about this at all, it just happened ^^ turns out that Aidan loves rain sounds, and incorporates them into his tracks often.  it was too perfect!! 

so i came up with a vocal melody... and then I made lyrics, which were originally this: 

the raindrops
the cycle

 feel the sky falling down
and we’ll never be found  
feel the sky fall, and let it go
and then no one will ever know

we just want to be free
so go on, let it be
when the colors all turn to grey
we can dance ‘til it goes away

sky bursting out
heavenly sound
facing the clouds
spinning around

I was really happy with them :) 

I recorded my second take on Extan's song and my first take on Jacoo's song on the same day, in my new recording space ^^ I gave Jacoo the raw samples... and I guess he was busy cause I didn't hear from him for a few days after that.  he mentioned he liked the vocals and that he'd have to hear how it sounds in the track... and then suddenly, the next day the track was finished! i didnt expect that... was so surprised, cause i thought i might be able to hear the track before it was released. but i guess they were eager to release it... and i can understand that, cause the track turned out so great ^^ jacoo had sampled from the sample I gave him... and he did such an amazing job <3  i knew he would, anyways ;) 

so the whole thing was a success... lots of people are commenting that they like the vocals, which is so cool! =) 

~ we got a bunch of promotions! :)