Cyntrific - Blinding Eclipse

So happy to be working with CoLd_Friction and Gobbly on our new collaboration project, Cyntrific... this is officially our first song we're releasing as a group (after Secret Kingdom).  I love how this track turned out... the instrumental is so beautiful, and so I ended up wanting to make my vocals pretty minimal so that they don't overwhelm the track... I feel like they're kind of like a frame for a painting, and I like that :)  So excited to keep working with these two guys... we work so well together and our musical style fits so nicely... I'm sure we'll come up with all kinds of interesting sounds.  I feel like I can really stretch my wings in this project by experimenting with different styles... and I'm confident that with these guys I'll end up making music that I'm truly proud of, and that really represents my artistic style.  I feel so lucky, really... :)  Gosh, what an adventure all this is ^^

I made these little graphics for us too :) I found the font online, I think it's cute :) We're having a logo made for us right now... curious to see how that turns out ^^