Fang - Nevermore (ft. Margo Elena)

YES!! another song with Fang! this is sooooo great, i really love it! Fang wrote the lyrics and the vocal melody, he instructed me to sing it.  These are the lyrics:

Follow the lights 

Black dress on a snowy day
A coffin sits, a soul away
Disease has ever shut her eyes
Now in the ground her body will lie

(Her) life was stolen early on 
Breath and heartbeat are both gone 
A scholar comes to mourn Lenore 
His love (had) perished, nevermore

In his room he sits in tears 
Slowly succumbing to his fears 
In his memories he drowned 
Visions of (the) past all around

The raven perched there on his sill 
A tapping came then all stood still 
He let it in, inside it soared
One word it spoke, nevermore 

I think he did a great job ^^
Here, look at his instructions for singing it:

-Each line is about 7 syllables, some words are in parentheses because they're not vitally important and they would make the line 8 syllables, you can choose whether to sing those or not. 
-The melody for the vocals goes from E for the first 5 syllables, then to D for the 6th, and an A# for the seventh. The 4th bar is slightly different, it goes from E on the first 3 syllables to D on the 4th syllable and then to A for the last 3. I included a version that has a sine wave following the vocal melody so you'll be able to hear what I mean.
-The line "Follow the light" is separate from the other verses, it's melody goes from an A for "Fol-" to a C for "-low" to an A# for "the ligh-" to an A for "-ight." In the aforementioned version with a sine wave following the vocal melody, this is the first 4 measures so again you can hear what I mean.
-A few lines had to be 6 syllables or 8, you'll unfortunately just have to try to condense and spread them out. None of them should be particularly difficult to do though, and if they are just contact me and I can try rewriting it.

<-- at first i was like, uh i don't know if i need all those instructions, i just have to hear what you want and then i can copy it =P  he also sent me a track with the vocal melody overlayed, so I could hear what he meant.  but in the end, it was helpful to have those instructions... helped me understand exactly what to do ^^

I love dark music sometimes... would also like to keep doing more stuff like this :)