my vocal potential has yet to be fulfilled

I know that in general, my vocals can be better than what they have been since I started this whole edm thing.  And there's a practical reason for that, which I would like to explain in this post.  It has mostly to do with my living situation.  I'm proud of the work I've done so far... but when I listen to it, I just know I can do better than that.  May sound kinda perfectionist... but I think it's also normal that artists want to keep improving their own work... and I know I can.  It's just dependent on certain circumstances, which are a bit unusual right now...

The first track that I was featured in was CoLd_Friction's "Broken Drum"... I recorded this on the very last day that I was living in my previous apartment (just a few months ago), which was a studio, and I lived there alone during my studies.  It was a new building with very good sound insulation.  I had lived there for three years... and during that time I played a lot of guitar and sang loudly sometimes, whenever I wanted... cause I knew I wasn't disturbing my neighbors.  I'd really belt it out in the shower too... I think that was when I got some of my best practice =P  (reminds me of Woody Allen's latest movie, To Rome With Love... which I thought was hilarious and if you watch it, you'll know what I'm talking about lol.)

See... I battle with shyness.  That's why recording vocals in my bedroom is so good... cause no one else is there ;)  I do believe that my voice is actually quite good... when I sing by myself ;)  But when other people are there... I don't know, I just freeze up somehow :/  I know I need to get over this... cause eventually I would actually like to start doing live performances.  So something definitely needs to shift regarding my attitude... but that's another issue.   

Anyways... right after Broken Drum, I moved into my new apartment, which is in a really old house with very thin walls... where I have four roomates (plus our grumpy landlord who lives right above me). 

So yea... maybe you guessed it: I can't sing here. I just cannot. Yes, I tried, and it wasn't happening. 

That's why I found my "studio" space (described in a previous post about Fang's track), which is basically an empty apartment that a family I know is letting me use for free =D  yea, so awesome!  I'm lucky to have scored this space... the universe just took care of me, what can I say.  So I keep my recording equipment there and I go there specifically to record. 

But... see anything wrong with this picture?? 

I haven't been practicing singing like I used to... when I go to my studio, I have to warm up my voice and it takes a while.  After a few hours of singing, I'm much better... but I also can't spend all day at the place (yet). 

I also haven't been playing guitar lately (and singing with it), like at all... and I neeeeeed to now.  I need to get back into it like, so bad.  It was therapeutic for me.  But I'm too fucking shy to do that here... and I hate that. I wanted to bring my guitar to the studio but (just my luck) my guitar case completely broke recently and I need that... whatevs, I'll just have to figure out a way to get it over there anyways.  I should do that today. 

And then I should start spending more time there, maybe start spending the night.  I know the family who owns the place would be fine with that.  I also have to get the internet password... that would be super helpful too (probably distracting, but the benefits would be greater).  Ideally, I should move in... I'm considering doing that, but of course moving is a pain in the ass (and I might have to start paying to use the place).  Thinking about it though. 

Sooooo... basically, when I spend more time in the studio and sing more regularly, and belt it out in the shower like I love doing... I know my vocal quality will be better.  I know I can sing better than what I did in all of the tracks I've recorded for so far.  So this is actually kinda exciting, cause if people like my voice now... just wait 'til I can fulfill my potential ;)