Terravision - No Boundaries (feat Margo Elena)

updating my blog finally!

I wrote the lyrics for this track... I was inspired by my experience at the Fusion festival. Here was the "story" I based the lyrics on:

This is about taking a rocket ship into space and never coming back.  Finding freedom by exploring the ultimate unknown.  Escaping the world as we know it.  Exploring new territory.  Entering another dimension.  Making my home among the stars and strange planets and galaxies.  Always something new to find.  Refusing a life with boundaries.  I can fly around the cosmos and I don’t have to come back if I don’t want to.  Get lost in a dream.  My world will never be the same.  You can come with me, if you’re up for the adventure.   We don’t have to stay here… let’s go explore the infinite. 

... and these were the original lyrics: 

fall into the sun 
and then we’re gone  

to find freedom from the trap of the system,  
blast a rocket ship into the stratosphere  
in the midst of uncovering a new world
it’s impossible to find the last frontier  

breaking free
of restricting limitations…
come with me
getting lost forever
in the dream
escaping a monotone life
of normality

all you have to do is come with me
just come with me 
we will be free  
imagine that, no boundaries    
no boundaries
no boundaries

leaving traces
of our fear behind,   
neural pathways in our mind
hidden dimensions
right before our eyes
galactic interventions  
can be realized

... and Terravision did a great job of selecting lyrics, really happy with the outcome! ^^