White Skies - Chasing Light (ft. Margo Elena)

this turned out great... such a positive, happy track ^^ was cool collabing with White Skies, and I look forward to doing it again :)

i wrote the lyrics about how we follow our inner guide... and sometimes we think we're right even when we're not... sometimes a rude awakening is what it takes to open our eyes, but that's just the human condition, i suppose... ;)

Walking ahead with eyes closed
Facing the edge, but unknown
White flower held in your hand
Thinking that you understand
And the light is shining down
And the truth, it will be found
Every fool chasing a star (Chasing a star)
Searching… that’s who we are
Falling below, into the dark
Now knowing you’ve gone too far
Racing thoughts, all a surprise
Taking a breath, open your eyes
Don’t go on blind,
Open up to the signs...