CoLd_Friction - Last Star FT Margo Elena

i love this!!! and there's a nice story to go with it ^^

i think I started working on vocals with CF around January or February... and I didn't actually feature in a song until April (Broken Drum).  we tossed around a lot of ideas during that time (i got lots of good practice!), and i sent him quite a few samples... one of them was intended for a vocal edit on his song Snow Blind which was released a while back.  here's that song:

I did a simple vocal to go with it-- the lyrics were:

don't let me fall asleep
the fire's burning out 
it disappears

... the song kinda has that creepy feel (which i like)... and i was imagining that it was the dead of winter (which it was at the time) and we had a fire which we needed to keep burning if we wanted to stay warm, so that's where the lyrics came from ^^ kinda random idea i guess xP

anyways... he decided not to do the vocal edit, so this sample has been sitting around for idk, close to half a year probably. and yesterday he surprised me when he said that he's using them again! it's amazing what he's done... he pitched them up slightly (and only used part of the lyrics as u can hear, but i think it sounds great!), and he also used them for the white noise and the pads in the background!! which just goes to show what awesome skills he's developed by now :)  interesting thing is that he can do much more with the vocals than he could have when i gave them to him!

oh i also love this because i'm like soooo busy right now and don't have much time for vocals, unfortunately :c  i've been wanting to do another feature with CF though... and luckily, my hard work in the past is paying off now! i feel like some good karma came back to me :D

so this song is pretty special to me CF says he'd like to do an extended version... really curious to hear what he comes up with next!