Jacoo - A World Of Peace (ft. Charlie Chaplin and Anelogram)

I'm not sure if I can describe what this song means to me... 

Definitely never felt this way about a song before

it's like another level for me in terms of music.

Jacoo did something really incredible here... which just so happens to touch me very deeply. 

I cried a lot when I first heard the song.  it was kind of therapeutic... like the way, when you're talking to a therapist and they say something that resonates with you (dunno if u've ever experienced that), like you know immediately that what they're saying is true but you never realized it before, so you burst into tears... that's how it was for me, like a burst of truth...

and once that intensity wore off, then it started giving me butterflies... like how you feel when you think about someone you have a massive crush on... like your feelings are so intense but you don't know how to express them. that's kinda how i feel about this song, like no one's gonna understand how I feel about it... lol

i guess the only way it can get any better than this is if i actually consciously made vocals this good for a song so beautiful.  cause this song uses my reversed vocals, but that has a certain symbolic significance to me too, so somehow its just super special :)  haha, maybe I read too deep into things... my imagination runs wild I guess :p

my reversed vocals really trip me out cause... it's me, but it's not really ME... it's based on my work but it's not my art. it feels like a "negative" side of me, as in negative photography exposure. its a part of me that's there but kind of uncontrollable... like a hidden potential.

The first time CoLd_Friction used my reversed vocals in a track, it kinda struck me... so I wrote this story for his song:

In the future when we can visit other dimensions, I plug into a rare reversed paradise... the opposite of our default world. White turns black, bad turns good, and vice versa. It is the negative of everything, which is sometimes the positive. It is the side that we usually don't see and often ignore. My whole perspective flips… light shines on parts of my mind that are usually kept hidden in darkness. I see the beauty in ugliness, I find a happy side to sadness, sense bravery within fear, and feel the love in hate. I see signs of life within death. And I realize that normally, I can only perceive one side of our three-dimensional world… I can see the light or the shadow, but not both at the same time.

So that kinda sums up what my reversed vocals mean to me =P
oh, I call it "Anelogram"... my name spelled backwards:
anele + ogram = anelogram
^^ i'm a dork.

Anyways, back to Jacoo's song... it's interesting how it happened... maybe you could say that in a way, it was born out of Forever in my Heart  (see previous post) :) I had made a harmony for that, just an "ahh-ahh"... and idk, at the studio I thought it was ok but when i got back home and was editing, I thought it sucked. when i sent it to Jacoo I called it a "crap harmony" =P  He used it in Forever in my Heart anyways... the reverb made it sound good, lol xP  and so after we finished that song, he took this crap harmony and reversed it, and pitched it... and it turned into this beautiful vocal.

it's like an angelic, beautiful side of me :) that's how it feels...

combine that with the Great Dictator speech, which also has mega significance to me... and not just to me of course, it's one of the greatest speeches of all time.  (its also awesome cause it's Charlie Chaplin speaking, who's known for his silent movies... but less so for the most incredible speech ever in a film, ironically.)  I first heard it when I got into OWS (occupy wall street) in Sept 2011... and it definitely made a huge impression on me at the time, like OWS did in general... it turned my whole world upside down, actually.  such a powerful experience, the beginning of that movement especially... we were so inspired. it was this massive meeting of minds, of revolutionary spirits exchanging energy and ideas, motivating and teaching one another, and giving each other hope again... it was truly an incredible time.

anyways, the meaning of this speech is pretty straightforward... it's about striving for a better world... a world of peace, is a good way of putting it.

so then you add Jacoo's amazingly beautiful music in there... and the whole thing is like, too much for me to handle...

it makes me imagine that my soul is transcending this mundane level of existence, like floating up towards the sky and reaching towards a better world, towards heaven on earth, a utopia of sorts...

i'm not sure if utopia is truly attainable... but I am sure that life can be better than this, that society can be healthier... there can be greater fairness and justice in the world. that people don't have to go hungry, we don't have to fight wars or manufacture weapons or let people rot away in prisons.  there can be less violence and less suffering. less pollution, animals can be treated better, the environment can be cleaner. species can thrive instead of dying off, the waters can be purified, the air can be clean. the soil can be rich... and there can be enough food to feed everyone without pumping the ground full of chemicals. we don't need to rely on oil or coal or any non-renewables, we don't have to poison ourselves with nuclear waste... we can harvest energy from the sun, we can simplify our lives. we can live in greater harmony with the earth :)  we can treat people with respect... everyone is different and special but equal, and we all have value and potential, no one is better than anyone else. we don't need hierarchies, we don't need central governments or banks to control society... we can run our own communities... everyone is powerful and can contribute to society, everyone has a special role to play :)  even handicapped, injured or mentally ill people have something special to offer... no one is worthless.  everyone deserves love, equally.  everyone deserves a full and happy life... of course we cant always be happy all the time and things will never be perfect... but it can be better than this, for sure it can... much better. war, poverty, starvation aren't normal or natural... this is a product of a corrupted society, where some people are stealing the wealth from others... its not fair or right, and it can be corrected. and someday it will... i'm sure that capitalism has to die, and that a lot of the wrongs will right themselves.  there are brighter days ahead :)

i think about these things a lot but i don't often talk about them... but that's the way I think, pretty much.

so that's why this song touches me so deeply... if that makes any sense c:  when i listen to it, i imagine the whole earth, and my spirit hovering over it, kind of around it, like... almost praying for a better world.