Margo Elena & Jacoo - Forever In My Heart

man i suck at updating my blog these days ;P

this was my birthday song... and was one of the awesomest presents I ever got :)
it's the first song i ever wrote on guitar... and since it's the very first, of course it had to be a sappy cheesy love song!

Have I ever told you 
that you walked into my heart
and you never went home
guess I haven’t told you
that we’ll never be apart
maybe one day you’ll know
Promises you made, they stay tattooed on my skin 
everywhere I go, your name… it blows in the wind
memories of us… they seem too real, and then
on occasion, I dream I found you again

It may or may not be about someone in particular...

so I recorded this, and I was planning to do percussion using the back of my guitar and a jar of rice (like i did for Hallelujah), and to make more harmonies.  But I showed the WIP to Jacoo, and he offered to help me! and then it turned into this epicness...

I mean really, I'm so lucky.  My first song I ever wrote... how did this happen? It's amazing. Big thanks and so much love to Jacoo for being a part of this <3  made my birthday really special!

I want to do more of this... writing songs and then pairing up with producers to help me out, I think this would be really cool :)  so happy that I can write songs now! for the longest time, i couldn't figure out how to do it.... but I can now, after having practiced all this vocal work and lyric writing, it's coming to me easier!