my transitional situation

i'm starting to feel like an asshole for making ppl wait for vocals for so long  >_<

i'm just so busy and things r getting really cray

really excited about the collabs goin on now! and i'll finish them for sure... but it's taking me longer than expected.  i'll carve out some time to hit the studio, as soon as i get this job app out the door... it's taking me forever. music is also therapeutic for me, helps me deal with stress... so i want to still make some time for it. too bad i can't focus on it more tho...

cant take on new collabs now either...

i think the only thing i can manage for a lil while will be Cyntrific

work for my part time job also happens to be piling up now... great timing

soooooooooo... the plan is to move back to the States in October... i gotta get my shit together

gotta apply for jobs

sell my furniture


get rid of crap accumulated over 4 years

i think i'll have a goodbye party, invite all my friends and let them take my things

seems like the most practical thing to do (and fun)

give em a big ol' goody bag of stuff to take home ^^

i love music and i wont stop... but i gotta take a lil break.

amazing artists keep asking me to collab and i really want to... just have to wait 'til things settle down again...