Whithe feat. Margo Elena - Lost and Forgotten ( Silent Air )

man i need to keep up with my blog better! Whithe and I made a beautiful song, i just love it... and it got on FutureGarage.NET!! this has been an amazing week ^^
and their review of the song, wow!

Margo Elena's vocals are without doubt the focus of interest in this awesome production by Whithe. Otherworldly, beautiful atmosphere.

i also love this video that CalmingChills uploaded... I think it's the nicest vid for a promotion I've gotten so far!

Whithe sent me his track and i got immediately inspired... i thought of the lyrics while I was walking to my studio, and i recorded this within a half hour, which is really fast! the vocal layering happened so easily, I didn't have to mess with it very much.  i'm so glad it worked out, we're both very happy with it!

and Whithe is so sweet, it's so fun working with him... and he's only 13 years old! amazing talent... i'm so impressed, and i really feel honored that I was his first vocal collab, it means so much to me <3

Take the path to the clouds
Expanding into the atmosphere
The silent air