lights in the dark

tonight i was riding my bike back home... alone through the woods, between villages. it was close to midnight. the only reason i went thru the woods was because my friend had leant me her headlamp... otherwise i would have taken the streets, because my bike light is broken and i wouldn't want to go through that forest alone without a light.

anyways, going thru the forest is cooler than taking the streets ^^

my friend/roommate hannah and i went through it the other night without lights... but we were together. was still kinda scary... but we were talking about how we like to put ourselves in scary situations sometimes like that, in order to push our boundaries... to challenge ourselves to be less afraid.  actually, scary situations like this kind of fascinate me, because i want to learn to have less fear, in general...

but actually, i was surprised tonight because it was actually super creepy even with the headlamp. it was chilly, and misty... the light was bright and i thought, what if i just saw a pair of eyes reflecting ahead of me, i would... idk...

but i made it through, to some dimly lit paths. so i turned off my light, and started to push my bike up the hill.  now i could see that the stars were shining so brightly :)  then when i was out of breath, i stopped to take a break, and turned my head around... and that very moment, i saw an amazing shooting star crossing the sky-- it was so long! so i closed my eyes, and made a wish <3

good thing i looked behind me right in that moment! ^^

then, since i was there all alone, i started singing some lines from our new Cyntrific song (not yet released) :

the dark of night reveals the stars
a distant future is all ours
with endless possibilities
the hearts and minds of everyone
embrace the whole world in our arms
it all revolves around the sun 


i was just admiring the stars for a little while... and then i kept climbing up the hill. i turned on the headlight again... but this time only so i could avoid stepping on the slugs.  and not even cause that's gross (which of course it is), but mostly cause i just don't want to kill them.