dark in the light

Dark in the Light

Take the dark candle into the light
carry the sadness, remember the night

Sunshine will pass and again you will find
The darkness that lurks in the depths of your mind

The loneliness, pain, rejection, and fear
These negative thoughts you should keep ever near

They are not enemies, they are very real
They creep back again if you try to conceal

And if you forget, they will come roaring back
if you build walls, they will seep through the cracks

they are ever there, these negative thoughts
they cant be contained, and cannot be caught

they are like a child you must let wander free
coming and going like waves of the sea

embrace them and know that they are not bad
keep that in mind and you wont become mad

when they surface again, don’t be surprised
just know it’s a part of being alive

its best not to do these extreme up and downs
try to stay balanced, the center surround

because I am whole and I have many sides
I am but one being while on this ride

This journey through lifetimes will bring the unknown
The storms will be felt and the hurricanes blown

But I am still Me, and that never will change
I have to be ready to deal with the strange

And not get knocked over by winds on the way
I can be strong and I will save the day

I am the hero, I am the one
My soul gives me life, my cosmic sun

I cannot but love it, it is everything
It is the spirit from which I can sing

I must love myself, or I will be lost
This hurdle of life can only be crossed

It is one step closer to finding the truth
Treasure to hold, like a fountain of youth

So hold on to that center and do not let go
The good and the bad are all part of this show

But I will remain, so do not lose sight
Where pleasure meets pain, and darkness meets light

Hang on tight, cause things might get rough
Expecting from others is never enough

I am the one who will follow my dreams
My soul is the sun from which rays will beam

It comes from no other, but only within
So take a deep breath and let us begin

Starting fresh, I gather my strength and move on
I take my walking stick and we go along

Enjoying the nature, a world to behold
Gathering memories, stories are told

Infinite wonders are to be found
On this beautiful planet to which I am bound

Never forget how much beauty awaits
You can find out if you open the gates

Just let the world love you, don’t hide away
Experience what the world gives you today

Wake up to the now, and see what is real
These layers of ignorance, they only shield

The light from your eyes, which you want to shine
The love of this world is here to be mine

So idle no longer, and open your heart

Of this endless beauty, I am a part.

~ m.e.    12.17.13