morning gratitude

grateful for this life
for every cell
for my health

grateful for the rivers and branches of blood that flow thru me
deeply colored liquid
rich with nutrients

grateful for every atom
each vibration
every movement
this miracle
the dance of life and non-life
changing and transforming one into the other
for evolution
for the journey

grateful for the ground
my home
this earth
our Mother
the nourisher
the body giver
her impregnable soils
her tolerance
her sacrifice

grateful for the brother and sister planets
male sun
female moon
light and dark
that constant pattern
moving in circles
spiraling forth
mathematical perfection
that we strive for
that we love, for we are made from it

grateful the the space between
for the unknown
for the mystery


omg its been over a year since I posted! geez.
I need to get back into this.
I am returning to my self.