Moon Phase Necklaces

I'm very excited to start offering jewelry under the Healing Nature brand. 

A long time ago, my mother gave me a necklace that was similar to these... I loved it so much and wore it all the time, so I decided to recreate it. This simple yet powerful necklace is easy to slip on and off the head, and easily dresses up any outfit. The lightly waxed fabric cord gives it a casual look, while the stunning rings and glass beads catch your eye. The hammered rings come in sterling or plated silver, antique gold, or bronze. The necklaces can be made with a single or double ring. They are matched with a variety of large colored frosted glass beads, and the cord can be black, brown, or grey. I can make these custom according to your wishes, and can also shorten the necklace and add a clasp. 

The single ring necklaces represent the full or new moon, and the double ring necklaces represent the waxing and waning phases. 

Left to right: sterling silver, antique gold, antique bronze, plated silver. 

Single Ring necklaces 

 Double Ring necklaces 

The sterling silver rings have a bright, shiny, elegant look. As shown here, it pairs beautifully with an angular shaped blue glass bead, and black cord. 

The plated silver rings appear more matte and subdued. These match well with the frosted white or green beads, with grey cord. 

The bronze rings are subtle yet strong. They're very versatile, matching with almost any outfit. They pair beautifully with the green or brown glass beads, and the brown or grey cord. 


The antique gold rings make a strong statement, and present gorgeous goddess energy! They match perfectly with a green bead on brown cord, or a blue bead on black cord.